Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stocks In Play

looks like IIJI is gonna be in play next week. this stock rollercoastered like crzy a couple wks ago.. i have no idea what caused last weeks rally, but one thing i do know... is that IIJI is a daytrader favorite. therefore, im very sure there will be some action next week. the stock is too unpredictable/risky for me to play, but i'll be watching it for entertainment. maybe i'll practice playing some PUT options with my new optionsxpress simulation account. CTTY has been acting pretty crazy too, thanks to its EXTREMELY low float. advanced daytraders can probably make a lot of quick and easy money on it since its been fairly volatile lately. oh... and ABRX. looks like ABRX is OUT of play permanently. ouch.... DNA might also move tomorrow b/c of their earnings call. they've had a huge rally since the last CC, and i'm interested to see if they can continue to perform this quarter. other than that, i'll be watching my usual watchlist tomorrow. i've added some energy stocks to my watchlist. DSTI (solar), DESC (fuelcell) as u see, in addition to the usual oil stocks, i'm trying to learn more about alternative energy companies. i think solar definitely has potential, but not until it becomes economic/practical. i'll update with my take on alternative energy from a science standpoint in a few weeks. this is a nice news site to keep up with alternative energy stocks. finally, i'll be watching to see if there will be a pullback in tmw's markets from last fridays tremendous rally. good luck.


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