Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Earnings Season

if youre knowledgable about company fundamentals, you may benefit from playing stocks before and after they report earnings. for instance, DNA reported yesterday.. nothing unexpected. im a little surprised their wasnt a post-earnings selloff. anyway as for earnings, i'll be watching YHOO, GOOG, and the bluechips to see if there will be a tech rally this quarter (jim cramer said so). i posted the ascending triangle chart of ENG yesterday night and wow... i checked it just now and saw that it's trading solidly above $5 today. looks like it'll close around $5.50 today (up 10% from yesterdays close). if some consolidation goes on in the coming weeks in this range, i might have to take a more detailed look at it. BWLD continues to inch toward the 25EMA. i'm very impressed, but im jealous that im not in on the action. if youre making money on it and woud like to help feed a college student, i invite you to check out my paypal donation icon. looks like the shorts are attacking IIJI with everything they have. PRGS is posting a pullback so far today, but still well within the trading range of the flag-pennant pattern of consolidation. anyway, i dont really see any interesting charts today, so i posted up a comparison of the russell 2000 (small/midcap stocks) and the s&p 500. a lot of new investors are scared to play microcap stocks b/c they seem shady and risky, but as you can see, with proper diversification, a microcap portfolio can prove to post significantly better gains than the s&p (and thus most mutual funds which cant even beat the s&p) w/ not significantly more volatility. im starting to look for promising midcap/microcap companies and i'll continue to update with cool information i find.


Blogger Neville said...

I noticed in your links field you did NOT have the best stock blog out there TheKirkReport.com

If you don't read it, you probably should!

I at one point got very into the market. Once I learned more and more, I became less of a short term trader.

Goodluck with everything!

7/12/2005 06:07:00 PM  

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