Monday, July 25, 2005

ENG Confirmation

ENG looks like its ready to make another run. i've been watching it ever since is broke from the 1st ascending triangle. i didnt think it would explode today because it was trading sideways in the morning, but after i came home from class, i saw that it broke the $6 resistance on high volume. swingtraders should keep an eye on it this week. this is a good stock, and from the few pieces of info that i've read on them, they seem to have strong fundamentals.

i'm so mad at myself for not cashing in on this perfect chart setup. theres so much money to be made on so many stocks in the market, but i dont have enough money to get in on all the action because i'm still tied up financially with speculation on ELN's path forward for tysabri. i have to admit, i'm a little emotionally attached to ELN stock considering the number of times it has betrayed me, but im still HOPING for positive conference calls this week (biogen is reporting tmw).

finally, i want to thank the generous people who sent me paypal donations! looks like they liked my chart on BWLD (i got lucky with that call, i didnt expect them to raise their earnings outlook) and are taking profits before their Q2 earnings report. THANKS!


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