Saturday, July 23, 2005

HANS Meltdown

i wasnt going to update until sunday, but since people are still visiting the site during the weekend, i'll give you a preview of whats to come. i've been collecting a lot of charts lately and i'll post them all up at once mad money 'lightning round' style, so come back sunday night to check it out. i'm also continuing my research on alternative energy stocks. i like to post a picture with each article, so heres a graph of HANS, which has taken a beating the last few days on no news other than a lame marketwatch editorial. if this tumble doesn't correct itself, it could start looking like ebay back during the end of 2004. if youre bored, i suggest you check out this chart on the nasdaq resistance. also take a look at this article which looks at southwest airlines as a oil trader.


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