Friday, August 05, 2005


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wow. what a crazy IPO. BIDU is up 350% from yesterdays close! whats making me go crazy is that i just read about this company a few days ago on Frank's blog at StockDraftPicks. go check out his continued coverage on BIDU. amazing stock...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oil Services

this is something you dont see everyday. GEOI opened strong since NYMEX crude climbed to $62 a barrel. however, inventories were announced today, and the price of crude quickly droped $1 to $61. this caused a prompt sell-off in GEOI and some other companies in the oil services sector such as ABLE and MPET. i started looking into the oil sector because i was sick of the swings in biotech, but it looks like these stocks behave the same. on the other hand, ENG has been ripping for the last week. it climbed to a new high, gaining 100% since i profiled the stock a month or two ago. amazing.... i wish i had gotten in on that stock. i had no money at the time to play ENG, but at least i have a ton of ENG in my fake marketocracy account, which is doing great thanks to ENG. finally, i wanted to mention that the site will be moving to a real domain and a real webhost in a week or two. i've already bought the domain name and webhost server and i'm in the process of configuring the backend software. the new site will have a new name because is just too long to type. also, the new site will be powered by WordPress rather than blogspot. wordpress is a lot more robust and customizable, so the new site will be good. so yeah, the new site is coming in a few weeks!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DSTI Bull Trap

DSTI is one of the alternative energy stocks on my watchlist. SPIR and DSTI exploded awhile ago after they received solar contracts. DSTI is currently settling at the bottom of its price channel. it did bounce off the bottom support a few days ago, but it was on very low volume, so some bulls who bought into what looked like a reversal may have gotten trapped. i don't know anything about this company's fundamentals, but i do like solar power. out of all the alternative energy sources, i think that solar has the most potential. keep DSTI on your watchlists, but be careful about buying into low volume reversals. if you believe that the company will continue to receive solar contracts, this may be a good time to pick up some cheap shares. and more importantly, don't forget to email me if you have any hot info on DSTI's growth!

COGT On Fire

COGT has finally broken through its $30 resistance. i really like this stock because i got a easy ride from $24 to $30 a few weeks ago. it was the easiest play i ever made. i just bought it, and it kept going up and up until it hit the extremely strong $30 resistance (look at the yearly graphs to see what i mean). anyway, its busted through the resistance recently on decent volume, so you might want to check it out. at the moment, it looks like its supported by the 13dayEMA, but i cant really tell what a safe entry point is. a $32 entry might be a little risky, so if it retraces in the next few days on low volume, a ~$30 entry with a stop slightly below the 13EMA would be a much safer play. i'm going to stay out of this one because my cash is tied up in ELN and MPET at the moment, but i hope you guys found this chart useful.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Hey guys. Haven't had the opportunity to post for a while as school and all has been keeping me relatively busy. Recently, though, I've become very interested in undervalued stocks. As a preliminary criteria, I've been screening for stocks that seem to be undervalued relative to their competitors in a single sector. This is what I've come up with so far. NOVA, KFRC, RELV, CHNL, YAKC, PRFT, NATH, NSTC, TIBX As of now my most promising stocks seem to be NOVA and YAKC, but my analysis of these stocks is still in the preliminary stages. I'll keep you guys updated as I do more research. If anyone has any feedback regarding the subject, feel free to contact me. Just keep an eye out for these stocks and if one explodes, don't say I didn't warn you. Good luck and happy trading! -KW

Black Gold

i'm getting tired of rollercoaster biotech stocks, so lately i've been trying to learn about oil. oil is still trading near $60, and i'm going to try to see if theres anyway i can make some money in this sector.

in the long run, what it comes down to is whether oil prices in the coming years will make $60/barrel look expensive or cheap. i have no idea on how to trade futures, so i'll be doing some indepth fundamental research on smallcap oil stocks in the next couple weeks.

in fact, i've spent the last hour checking out a company which specializes in oil exploration. i'm not going to post up the chart until monday's open, however, because i have to see how the stock opens tomorrow to get a better idea of the risk/benefit assessment before i establish a position. in the meantime, you can check out ABLE and GEOI which are popular oil stocks for short-term traders. also, i found FickleTrader's chart on XOM to be pretty interesting as well.

anyway, since i don't understand oil at all, i've been reading this website which talks about how oil drilling works. i also read about how gas prices work, since i've always been curious. its a pretty useful read and theres a lot of other articles to read for fun on the website.