Monday, August 01, 2005


Hey guys. Haven't had the opportunity to post for a while as school and all has been keeping me relatively busy. Recently, though, I've become very interested in undervalued stocks. As a preliminary criteria, I've been screening for stocks that seem to be undervalued relative to their competitors in a single sector. This is what I've come up with so far. NOVA, KFRC, RELV, CHNL, YAKC, PRFT, NATH, NSTC, TIBX As of now my most promising stocks seem to be NOVA and YAKC, but my analysis of these stocks is still in the preliminary stages. I'll keep you guys updated as I do more research. If anyone has any feedback regarding the subject, feel free to contact me. Just keep an eye out for these stocks and if one explodes, don't say I didn't warn you. Good luck and happy trading! -KW


Blogger Kevin said...

I do not think that NOVA presents value. First off it had AMSG was a competitor which grew 27% over the last 5 years and is projected to continue growing at 18%, while NOVA lost 3.5% over the last 5 years. Next, AMSG is trading at a cheaper Enterprise/EBDITA and their margins surpass NOVA. Not to be disfriendly but I don't want you to take a position in a stock that is not good longer term. I mainly deal with fundamentals so it could be a good trade. Good luck:

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