Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Healthcare: DNA and ABT

DNA and ABT may see some volume tomorrow. DNA reported yesterday with positive but expected news. ABT reports tomorrow morning at 10am EST i think. i really didnt think DNA's CC was that spectacular, but the call seems to have renewed a lot of interest in the company because of the many people who got rich a few months ago off DNA. jim cramer just recced DNA on maddmoney for 10 minutes. i dont really think his picks or opionions are very accurate, but a lot of retail buyers love cramer and they love DNA. in fact, i just watch maddmoney b/c its fun to watch cramer go crzy. i have no idea how it will go tomorrow, but if you see DNA trading up premarket, you may want to strategize accordingly (momentum/short/long). i'm bringing up ABT because i've heard a lot about it before in the past, and cramer just went out of his way to rec it during his lightning round. ABT has a very strong graph, imo. the stock has tested the $50 resistance 4 or 5 times during the last couple of months with sequentially rising supports. the chart is not showing any ambivalence going into the CC, and a good CC tomorrow w/ good Q2 financials could send the stock over the $50 resistance. i havent done my research on these companies so i'll be on the sidelines. its time for me to study for my midterm. good luck UPDATE: DNA is strong this morning while ABT isnt. looks like covered call writers win again.


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